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I opened After Effects on my 15 inch macbook pro, and the only part of I can't work in it, and I can't even find the options to resize the window. How to Move an Off Screen Window Back Onto the Active Mac Screen in OS X.
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To switch it on, just click the green button. To display a window after minimizing it, just find it in the Dock and click on it.

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Mission Control allows you to have several desktop workspaces on your Mac and switch between them quickly. You can also invoke Mission Control by swiping upwards with three fingers on the trackpad. Once the full-screen apps and workspaces are in view along the top of the screen, you can drag the windows around to put them in the order you want them.

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If you use multiple apps or documents in full-screen mode and need to swap between them, use the above method to place them next to each other. You can then swipe left and right with three fingers on the trackpad to move quickly between full-screen apps and documents. You can switch screens by using the Application Switcher. You can also hold down the Control key and press the left or right arrow keys to move between full-screen apps. Full-screen mode is particularly useful when you need to switch back and forth between apps quickly.

For example, if you need to check numbers in a table in a Google doc against those in a spreadsheet in Numbers. Just put Safari and Numbers in full-screen mode, then use Mission Control to position the desktops next to each other so you can quickly swipe between them. Putting apps in full-screen mode is also a great way of minimizing distractions. Many writing apps now have distraction-free modes and displaying them full screen allows you to get the most from that method of working.

If none of those works, try quitting the app and then re-launching it. If i do rename for the folder in my system it show the error like this An unexpected error is keeping you from renaming the folder. If you continue to receive this error,you can use the error code to search for help with this problem. Error 0xD:The data is invalid. It saved my day. Thanks a lot buddy. Your fix worked perfectly!! Forever indebted! For Adobe Photoshop there is a file called status. Except that there is no status.

Hi Leo! Many thanks, Emma. Another brilliant article — very helpful and so easy to follow. Could a high zoom level also result in the top of screens being hidden? A higher zoom level can cause a window to go off the screen like that, but in most cases if the problem is the zoom level, moving the mouse pointer to the part of the screen which is cut off should move that part back onto the screen.

Get Hidden Windows Back with Window Arrangement Settings

Decided to say thanks, so that you know what a good site you have got going here. Keep popping up for any issues… but never have commented before. None of this addresses special windows such as modeless dialog boxes. These are windows that have no title bar, and are not selected or focused when the app is running. The particular problem window for me only shows the date and time.

Trying to find a tool program that lists all windows, even internal windows, and lets you change their x and y coordinates. Trying to find a tool that enlarges the apparent size of the desktop, meaning that it reduces the size of all displayed windows. But they are below the bottom taskbar, is there a key function that will show everything that is hidden under the taskbar.

Open windows? Thanks for your help! Hi this is a related question that you might be able to answer. A couple of times, I have accidentally grabbed and dragged the edge of my desktop and made it smaller. My gut reaction was to drag it right back, but just after I put it back the last time, I realized that it might be a good thing to have a smaller desktop.

Your tips above helped me with a few things that are a problem. I have windows 8.

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  3. Window has gone off the screen - can't move or resize it!?
  4. One easy fix is to find an external monitor you can use. If things get lost under the break, just plug in the external long enough to recover. Knowing this trick about the system menu is really important to me. I run a computer with an extended screen. A video projector is in the extension. The projection software displays on the projector.

    But if I need to go to the internet, I have to move Firefox over to the projector screen. If I leave it there and return to the projection software, it displays over top of Firefox.

    Getting at the system menu

    Then I click in the taskbar to make Firefox active. Hopefully getting this all done before it is time to move to the next slide. I found a similar problem with a lot of Facebook windows, such as when Sharing, etc. However, I did find a solution. However, when I do this the symbol for minimize and maximize in the upper right changes to the maximize screen button which is fine. I correct the maximize screen button so that I can now see the corners of the maximize screen, but then when I hit the minimize button afterward it is now larger than the maximize screen.

    Is there any way to reduce the size of the minimize screen. Help me, please if you can. Thank you very much!! You saved me from randomly pushing the keys. Hi Leo, I have recently purchased your book on internet security and notice all the questions by your subscribers. I have to keep restarting my computer to get the keyboard back. The keyboard does not work in outlook and typing in the adobe document. Many thanks.

    Sept 27, Several of the programs I have used for years were opening too high on the computer screen, after adding a wider screen monitor. Your information helped me to resolve this problem, for now.

    macOS: Bring Off-Screen Window Back Onto Screen

    Thank you. Alt Space, Maximise, File, Exit. Then when you re-open fix should stay fixed i. I have a Acer A tablet.

    How to Move a Lost, Off-Screen Window Back to Your Desktop

    The second day I was setting up this tablet when my Google screen change from the day before. The screen went a little bit too big,not the font but the size of the page. The screen begins at top with the box to type your request. All the tabs and bars are out of site though it seems the bottom of screen is fine. I can not use multiple screens with out closing the one I am on. Thank You for your time and knowledge.

    After adding a new monitor I could not get it to work and about an hour of fooling with the menu on the monitor I found this and it worked!

    How to Fix PowerPoint Window Opening Off the Screen Mac

    Thanks for the help! I will never forget this great tip! Thank you so much! I am using Windows 10 The QB notification windows were also opening partially off screen and as of this moment that has been resolved hopefully they stay in the middle of my desktop next time I open the program!

    Thanks for this website! I will now try to fix the problem and will get back to you with my results. God only know how it happened to just this one. I did that, clicked Restore, and my problem was solved. Thanks Leo, it was really helpful with immediate resolution! I had been struggling with this over sized screen with absent buttons on top right side.

    Now, its no more an issue.

    Can't Move Window to Primary/Center Screen on GNOME 3.20

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